Spongebob Voice Actors Dub Classic Movies

Here’s looking at you, Squidward.


Dota Wallpaper Weekly - #7 Weaver

Here’s a link to the entire album so far.

In the shower

I couldn’t stop thinking about it all. It’s controlling my mind. It all just seemed so abrupt. No, “lets be friends” No, “maybe in the future” and No, “Just give me some time” You just ended it and that was that.. I didn’t deserve this at all. I tried my best to do everything you wanted and I did my best to get you the things you wanted. You will always have a piece of my heart. I already no you are trying to let everything about me go, but I am in no rush to just forget about you.

I dont get it

How can someone just give up so easily. I didn’t deserve this. Especially a day after my birthday and 3 days before Valentines day. It just seems so easy for you. I hope you’re happy. Take care.

229 plays Endlessly Green River Ordinance Out Of My Hands


Endlessly - Green River Ordinance Song of the night…


Ten days till Valentine’s Day. What sweetheart wouldn’t love these? Thanks, urbanbones.


i made some valentines to hand out in packets.